All-New Platform

The new VE Commodore is an all-new model (dubbed Zeta platform). This model has been designed from scratch right here in Australia by Holden and is the first ever Commodore to have started out like this (all previous models have to a greater or lesser extent been based on the Opel designs in Europe) in the 26 years since the Commodore was first released in Australia.

Holden have been forced into this when the European division of GM ceased production of the "Omega" (the Commodore equivalent) in 2003.

This should be seen as excellent news for Australian fans. Now not only can they be assured of an Aussie built car but also be content in the knowledge that it has been 100% developed locally - and presumably developed with local conditions in mind.

Cost of this home-grown development?? - Holden are believed to have spent over $1 billion...