Safety Features - ESP

The VE Holden Commdore retains much of the safety features in the existing VZ range, including :

  • ABS (anti-lock braking system)
  • EBD (electronic brake distribution)
  • Brake assist
  • Dual airbags and
  • IRS (independent rear suspension)

In addition, it is now confirmed that both curtain airbags and ESP (electronic stability program) will be standard in the new model VE Commodore.

ESP is a program whereby should the car be travelling too fast into a corner, the engine will automatically cut power and apply the brakes to bring the car back under control. Whilst this sort of technology has been around for a while in prestige cars and in Europe, with the increased public awareness of safety issues, this feature is seen as a must for the new VE Commodore.

You heard it here first!! Published on this site on the 3rd of June, Holden finally give their first direct hint of what is to come when Denny Mooney confirmed that ESP will indeed be standard on the 21st June 2006. Thankfully for this page at least - we got it right!!