VE Commodore Release Date

OK, the big question... when will the VE Commodre be released for sale?

It's a tough one because more than ever before, Holden are keeping their cards particularly close to their chest with anything to do with the upcoming model!

However, being in the industry there have been a few hints as to when the car will finally be released in all its glory. If anyone has any more information, then please let us know.

Early estimates were for August/September however it appears certain that it will be well before that - possibly as early as mid-July.

We've been invited to a formal evening 'preview' on the 18th August 2006 in Sydney.

However, trumping that there's also been the offer of a drive day for the VE Commodore in NSW on the 27th July so the covers will have well and truly been lifted by then.

We also know that GM are holding a show and tell with the auto industry a couple of days earlier - the 25th July, supposedly on the Gold Coast in QLD.

So best guess? Unless we are one of the very privileged few (which, frankly, we doubt!), you would guess mid July we'll know pretty much all.

UPDATE.... yes we guessed about right. We can now confirm Sunday 16th July all will be revealed. Next question - when will sales commence? The new guessing game is pointing towards mid August.

JUST IN... an anonymous tip-off has told us that 15th August will be the earliest first date of registration for the public

Then it's up to the public to decide...