VE Holden Commodore

Uncovered at last - the VE Commodore

16th July in Melbourne saw the first official glimpses of the new model range in the VE Commodore. Whilst GM Holden are remaining tight lipped about certain details (such as VE Commodore's fuel economy), the official Holden Media Release combined with details revealed by Denny Mooney during the launch show give plenty to consider.

One thing is for sure and that is that the new VE Commodore is like no Holden before it. Eurpoean styling and features but made and designed from scratch right here in Australia, the VE Commodore range is certain to be a popular choice for car buyers across the country.

So, please browse this website to find out more about the VE Commodore, about safety , development of the new platform , about buying a VE Commodore , pricing and information on all the new VE models as they come to hand:

VE Calais V

Commodore SS V

WM Caprice/Statesman

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